When it comes to outsourced IT support, bigger is not better

We often pick up customers after they have had a bad experience with one of the larger national (or regional) IT support companies, and the complaints are always the same, so let me share them with you.

It’s child’s play to do a three point turn in a little car, not so much in an articulated lorry – the point is larger IT companies are often hindered by their size.  Big wheels turn slowly as they say.  With bigger companies there are more people there are to deal with, so it’s less likely that their staff will remember you, and you are unlikely to enjoy the personal service that a small company like Computercentric can offer.

Don’t make me explain myself again!

One of the biggest grumbles we hear from client with experience of a larger support company is the lack of personal attention and a friendly service.  This will always cause frustrations among your staff as they struggle to get hold of the same person when an issue is ongoing, and there are only so many times you can be bother to explain your story to person at the end of the phone.  At Computercentric all our technicians get to know you.  We will remember your name!  We will get used to the particular problems your computer tends to suffer from, and we will learn what side of the desk you like to have your monitor placed! 

Large organisations, at best offer an inconsistent ability to deiver personalised support, many have a high staff turnover; and moreover outsource their support overseas, which we all know can be frustrating. Locality gives you that personal touch you just can’t get with a larger company, a smaller local IT company is able to meet with you more frequently, meaning your technicians get to know you and your company inside out, bottom line, they can almost know what you need before you do. Working with a smaller and local IT company, means your feedback is more likely to be heard and acted upon, a smaller IT firm has fewer layers to penetrate; and fewer hoops to jump through, making them more adaptable, and adaptability for any business is key.

Speak to the organ grinder, not the monkey

Another problem common with the larger players in the industry is the inability to just pick up the phone and get your problem sorted.  Most of the big companies will overload their engineers in order to drive higher profit margins.  So they might field your call immediately, but your issue will then be triaged, and if they think it’s not important, it could be days before you get a call back.  At Computercentric, we’re driven by service, not profit, so unless we’re in the middle of something critical for another customer, we’ll sort you out there and then, and get you working again.

Big fish, little fish (cardboard box)

We also here a lot of complaints from smaller customers (typically fewer then 20 staff) who feel that their business is not treated equally, and that larger, more profitable clients of their IT company get to the top of the queue.  We always treat our clients equally and fairly, based on the severity of your issue, not the value of your business.  We have had countless instances of small clients with a handful of employees growing to multinational, multi-million pound businesses, so we always look after the small guys too!

If you think you’ve had enough of being “just a number”, or low down on the list of priorities for a larger company, drop us a line

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