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Every business relies on its data.  Email, documents, accounting applications, contact databases, the list is endless. Consequently, every business needs a backup solution. If you don’t have one, you’re exposing your business to unnecessary risk.

Why bother backing up?  Well here are some sobering statistics:

  • At least 6% of computers will suffer data loss each year.
  • Normal computer hard disk drives have a 100% failure rate.  This means they WILL fail at some point.
  • 60% of businesses that experience major data loss will not survive the next year.
  • There is a one in 5 chance that your business will suffer major data loss in the next 5 years.

Our experience supporting businesses of all sizes means we are able to thoroughly research the options available, and recommend and supply a solution that perfectly fits your needs and your budget. In summary, we offer three main backup solutions:

Computercentric Vault Cloud Backup – no upfront costs, just download our backup software and start backing up to our secure backup servers.  

On-Site Backup – if you are a larger business, or you have a server on site and lots of data, purchasing a dedicated backup system with removable media is more expensive up-front, but can be more cost effective in the long run. This can also work in conjunction with our Vault Cloud Backup for extra protection.

Computercentric Disaster Recovery – for the absolute best protection against data loss and disasters, our managed DR plans mean we can restore your servers and your data in a matter of hours, and even provide a working environment for your key staff.

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