Business IT Support

IT Support is the core of our business. 

We offer a full spectrum of support services from simple remote device maintenance, up to fully managed packages with a regular scheduled engineer visit.

Full-time, in-house IT staff are a significant expense for any business. That’s why most small and medium-sized businesses outsource the management of their IT. 

Outsourcing your IT management to Computercentric has a number of benefits:

  • Access to a wealth of knowledge and experience in a wide range of sectors.
  • Access to a full support team, on the phone or on-site.
  • Avoid all the issues associated with finding and employing your own IT staff.
  • No financial or contractual commitments.

Above all, outsourcing your IT to Computercentric means you will save money compared to employing your own staff. For example, a fully managed IT support agreement for a company of 40 staff would cost around a third of the amount it would require to employ a suitably skilled IT Manager on a full-time basis.

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