Telephone Lines and Calls

Computercentric provide a full range of telephone lines and services to avoid you having to deal with one of the big national providers!

We have all options covered, from analogue PSTN, digital ISDN2 and ISDN30, plus a whole range of VOIP / SIP trunks. Knowing what lines you need, or rather what suits your business best, can be a bit of a minefield.  It costs nothing to talk to us, and we’ll gladly advise what the best options are.

Computercentric have lots of experience providing voice services to businesses of all sizes around the UK. By sourcing your telephone lines from an independent provider like Computercentric, you get exactly the same product as you would get from a national provider, however you get all the advantages of working with a customer-focussed provider like us.

A Better Price

We buy our calls and lines in bulk from a number of major providers. This gives us the flexibility to manage our own pricing, and without exception, we will beat any major provider on price. If you would like us to tell you exactly how much you could save, all we need is a copy of your latest itemised phone bill.

A Better Experience

Here’s the bottom line – we’re an independent, customer-focused business which relies on offering the best service to keep our customers happy. This pretty much sets us apart from the national providers who are simply not able to offer the same level of service and customer experience due to their scale and the requirement to maximise profits, often by outsourcing their customer service to foreign call centres.

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