Secure Data & Green Equipment Disposal

In light of recent GDPR changes around data security, it’s vital that businesses take the time to ensure that IT equipment which may contain any traces of sensitive data is properly disposed of.

Through our partnership with one of the UK’s leading data disposal organisations, Computercentric offer a fully traceable destruction service for all sorts of items which may contain sensitive data:

  • Hard drives
  • Backup tapes and cartridges
  • Floppy disks
  • CDs & DVDs
  • CCTV archives and VHS tapes
  • PDAs & mobile phones
  • Portable storage devices

The destruction process we follow is certified to:

  • ADISA (Asset Disposal and Information Security Alliance)
  • CPNI (Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure)
  • DIPCOG (Defence InfoSec Product Cooperation Group)

Formatting Drives is Not Sufficient!

Computercentric no longer offer or recommend disk wiping as a solution for data destruction.  The process does not guarantee secure wiping of data, and the possibility of errors breaking the wiping process as a result of bad sectors is significant.  This is also a time-consuming process, which is subject to human error, as there is nothing to physically distinguish a wiped drive from an un-wiped drive.

Degaussing of hard drives used to be a viable option, but again, we don’t recommend or offer this service.  Degaussing involves passing the drives through a strong magnetic field which (should) destroy any data on the drive.  However, it is prone to human error and cannot be guaranteed.  Furthermore, this process will not work for newer types of drive which use solid-state storage (SSDs) and portable storage devices.

All about the Shred

Physical shredding is the only way to guarantee the destruction of the media. Our shredding machine turns your disk or sensitive media into a pile of metal cornflakes smaller than 20 mm in diameter in as few as 6 seconds.

Full Traceability

We will provide you with a full certificate of destruction (COD) and matching asset register for your records.  We can optionally provide a CCTV video recording as evidence of the destruction process.

Fair Pricing

Most data disposal companies have a minimum order, meaning it can costs hundreds, if not thousands of pounds to destroy a small numbers of drives.  Our arrangement with our disposal partner means we receive preferential pricing due to the volume of disks we dispose of, and we have no minimum order quantity.  Our pricing starts from only £10 per drive.

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