Bespoke Application Development

We recognised a long time ago that the range of software products available off-the-shelf, were not always the best fit for our customers. That’s why we made the call to invest heavily in software development and add this to our portfolio of products.

We have a passion for solving business problems with software, and we have the experience to get to the core of your business process so that we can understand it, identify the shortcomings, and design a solution.

We employ our own in-house team of developers, and unlike many companies offering development services, we do not subcontract our work to developers in India and Eastern Europe. Call us old fashioned, but we firmly believe that to deliver the best solution for your business, we need the development team close-by, and in touch with the customer, not at a distance.

We build solutions for all platforms:

  • Windows-based applications
  • Web-based applications
  • Mobile applications for Windows, iPhone, iPad and Android.

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