Graph vs REST API

You want a quick explanation of the differences between Graph and REST APIs, well you’re in the right place.

PSTN Switch Off and SOGEA Broadband

The withdrawal of legacy PSTN copper phone lines in the UK is underway, and due to complete by 2025.  Part of this plan requires moving broadband customers to a new type of connection that we call SOGEA.

COVID-19 Statement from Openreach

In our capacity as a telecoms provider, Computercentric are heavily reliant on Openreach for support and deployment of telephone line and internet services.  Line most businesses during these unpredictable times, Openreach has had to quickly adapt to the changing situation, and this document highlights the disruption and changes which may affect our clients.

Windows 7 – End of the Road

So you’ve left it to the last minute!  You know Windows 7 is being retired, but you’ve done nothing about it, and you want to know what your options are, well you’re in the right place.

Cyber Security White Paper for Customers

We’ve produced this white paper as a tool for our customers or visitors to our web site to help you understand and deal with the cyber threats that businesses currently face.

Cyber attacks to be aware of!

The increase in cyber-attacks on regular, small / medium sized businesses in the last 18 months has been alarming.  Here are the most common attacks we see, and hope you don’t have to.