National Apprenticeship Service looks at Computercentric

The National Apprenticeship Service chose to use Computercentric for their latest case study.

We are honored to have been nominated for the in-comm business services annual award for apprentice employer of the year 2013.  Not only that, but the National Apprenticeship Service decided to use us as a case study to demonstrate how apprenticeships have a positive impact on both employers and apprentices.

You can read their press release here:

Walsall-based IT support company Computercentric used the Apprenticeship Grant for Employers to make taking on an apprentice as easy and cost effective as possible.

Computercentric a company providing technical support to businesses, took on 17-year-old Joe Farnell on an Intermediate Apprenticeship in Business Administration in 2011. Ross Edwards, managing director, explains the decision: “We liked the idea of training someone up and moulding them to do what we need.” Computercentric used the Apprenticeship Grant for Employers of 16 to 24 year olds (AGE 16 to 24) of £1,500 when taking on Joe, which Ross found to be very helpful. The grant definitely made taking on an apprentice a lot more attractive,” he says. “It helped with cash flow, and assisted us in covering the costs of employing an apprentice.”

Ross discovered that taking on an apprentice was more efficient than the usual method of recruitment. “For a normal job, we’d spend a lot of time interviewing and testing people. Choosing an apprentice is less hassle – we know they haven’t got the skills initially, but we’re prepared to teach them so it’s not an issue.

Skill development

Joe finished his Apprenticeship December 2012, and is now employed as an IT support technician with Computercentric . Ross has high praise for how Joe progressed during his Apprenticeship. “When he first came to us, Joe had a background interest in IT but his knowledge wasn’t complete,” he explains. “We dropped him in at the deep end as we are a small outfit, and he was forced to learn who the customers are and all their different requests.” “There was a lot of learning on the job, with no two days the same,” adds Ross. “Joe picked up everything that he needed to know, and is now an excellent employee working full-time with us.”

Customer satisfaction

Computercentric have noticed an improvement in feedback from their clients as a result of having their apprentice. “We can support more customers and give better service,” says Ross. “Because we have an extra body, we deal with clients more quickly and efficiently. They’ve told us they are happier.” Joe’s presence on the team is also enabling the company to grow and diversify into other areas, as Ross explains: “Other members of staff are able to focus on growing the company’s software development side. Having an apprentice relieves the pressure on them.” 

Because of his positive experience, Ross plans to take on another apprentice in the future.

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