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This is an important notice to let you know about changes to your Microsoft 365 system which will affect you and your colleagues. Please take the time to read and understand this, and communicate it to your colleagues where necessary.  

2FA, or two-factor authentication has been a feature of many systems for several years now, and you will no doubt be familiar with the idea of using an authentication app or confirming an SMS code in order to gain access to systems.

2FA provides a minor inconvenience to users, but a massive improvement in security, as it almost eliminates the risk of an unwanted individual gaining access to your data.

What does this mean for my business and my colleagues?

There’s a good change you already have 2FA enabled for most, if not all of your users, in which case, the impact of this change will be minimal.

However, if you have users for whom 2FA is not currently enabled, then these individuals will soon be prompted to set up 2FA.

This process is simple and straightforward, but well worth communicating to your staff to avoid any confusion when it happens.

They will be prompted to set up a 2nd authentication “factor”, usually by using the Microsoft Authenticator application.  This will require people to have access to this application on a mobile device in order to receive and verify an authentication code.

Once this is done, they will only be prompted for the authentication code occasionally, for example when logging on from a new location or device.

Can we opt out?

Yes you can, but only after talking to us first, and ensuring that you understand the risks of leaving 2FA disabled for any active users.

“Phishing” attempts, whereby hackers try to gain access to your colleague’s email accounts by tricking them into entering their password show no signs of abating, and the adverse implications of someone gaining access to your emails systems are so significant, that there is no longer a valid reason that 2FA should not be used.

If you have any questions about this change, please call us, or email our support team to discuss.

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