Unlike nearly every other telephone system provider, Computercentric are unique in that we provide both 'traditional' on-site telephone systems, and completely hosted 'cloud' based systems.

Many providers will try and tell you that one is significantly better that the other, however that is simply not the case.

Whether an on-site or cloud-based telephone system is best really depends on the needs and expectations of the business. That's why Computercentric are well placed to advise you on which is best, and provide the ideal solution for your business and your budget.

We employ our own Panasonic accredited engineers, and with our sister companies, we're able to offer support and installation services for a whole range of other systems including NEC, Siemens and Avaya.

If you're just looking for support and maintenance for an existing system, or if you're due for a new system and would like to take advantage of new technologies like VOIP trunks and remote working, then Computercentric can help you become more productive and efficient.

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