We need to use databases because we have a very short memory and we are bad with maths! Because we live in a world sitting on a pile of papers & paperwork, it is almost impossible for us to reconstruct what we did before, yesterday, last week or last year. Trouble is, most times, we must know not only what we did, but what others did - our colleagues, business partners, anyone...  Enter the world of the business database.

We need to keep the database in a usable format, to allow us to access data and information about events, transactions, etc.. and, if necessary, to retrieve and process them as circumstances require us. But databases are not the only storage and processing tools...

Even an ordinary file DOC (Word document,  WordPerfect ...), PowerPoint presentation or a spreadsheet (Excel, Lotus 1-2-3 ...) can keep data, not to mention web pages. The problem is that documents, spreadsheets, presentations, HTML files, etc. are poorly structured data. We need to locate information, we need search tools to detect the presence of keywords, possibly some different keywords.

The fact is that, since its begin, IT is faced not only with making sophisticated calculations but also the problem of storing and managing a massive volume of information. So the emergence of software tools dedicated to the management and processing of data was only a matter of time.

This is what we do, among other activities! We can help businesses by creating and managing database systems to make them become more efficient at what they do.


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