It's not our bag, man. There are many respectable web design companies we can put you in touch with, many of whom rely on our hosting services, but we generally don't get involved in the design or build of websites.

Yes, we offer a partnership scheme for IT companies and service providers that want to be able to offer a complete suite of products to their customers. If you run an IT support business, get in touch with us if you would like to be able to offer your clients a full suite of services to fill the gaps in your portfolio.

Yep - no problems.  We recognise that people don't like long term commitments, so we don't require them.

All of our services (including most broadband services, and some telephony services) are delivered without a long-term contract, not even 12 months. So if you find that we're not cutting the mustard, or something we are providing to you is below par, then there is no obstacle to stop you going elsewhere.

I would like to think so, yes!  We work with a wide range of businesses in various sectors, including financial services, healthcare and child protection. We have all the required processes and procedures in place to guarantee our clients' data is safe, and their data security is never compromised.

I'm afraid not. In 2016 Computercentric made the decision to focus on our business customers only. If you have a problem with your home computer, there are a couple of local companies that we trust and recommend.

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