As a provider of IT hardware, we frequently have lots of old tech equipment come through our hands. Sometimes we refurbish it and sell it, sometimes we give it away to local charitable organisations, and sometimes, especially if it's only good for spare parts, we'll sell it on our eBay shop. The following is my account of dealing with an eBay buyer who I will politely refer to as a 1st class numpty.

On 22nd July, my colleagues listed on our eBay shop an old laptop I used to use. The operating system had been securely wiped, however it was in full working order. Considering the age of the laptop, and the cosmetic damage to the front of the screen and the case, we listed it on eBay  as "For parts or not working" to save any confusion.

We sold it to an eBay buyer for the massive sum of £38. Eventually, over a week later, the buyer paid for the laptop. We sent it to the buyer. Here's what the laptop looked like on our listing, and before we sent it off.

Within a few days, the buyer was complaining that he / she couldn't find graphics drivers for the laptop, and that there was damage to the screen. We reminded them that the item was sold for parts, and was listed as such. They were really annoyed that the laptop was not in full working order and without any cosmetic damage, and continued to hassle us with badly-worded messages on eBay. We managed to decipher the cryptic messages and established that the buyer was trying to get a refund.

As our listing was quite clear, and the item was sold for parts and not working, we stood our ground initially. However once I realised this numpty was not going away, I decided to offer them a refund of £20 and let them keep the laptop. They could then sell it on if they weren't happy, and would definitely be quids in. They didn't spot the opportunity and chose to raise a dispute on eBay. eBay in their wisdom, decided that the buyer had grounds for a full return and refund. (We are now disputing this dispute with eBay, that's a story for another day).

In order to get a refund, the buyer was asked by eBay to return the laptop to us. However, I can only assume in a moment of frustration, the buyer took it upon him / herself to disassemble a fully-working laptop into as many individual pieces as possible (with the exception of removing the keys from the keyboard). They also kept all the screws. Then they sent us a box of components which resembled a laptop I once owned. Here are some photos of the box we received, and what it contained:

Whilst this amused us, it was also a bit annoying. We've raised the issue with eBay of course, but I couldn't help sending the buyer a message to thank them for their efforts, I've included their responses. Any spelling or bad grammar is not of my doing.

From Seller

Hi there

We have received a box of spare parts which looks like it was once a laptop. As the item is not what we sold, we are not able to refund your purchase. I have opened a case with eBay and supplied evidence of the damage you have caused.

I have also instructed both eBay in Ireland, and our solicitor regarding your feedback comment, which states we are liars (OK, it actually says lairs but I think it is clear what you meant). You may not realise it, but despite your spelling this is a libelous statement. If you have any evidence that we have lied, I would welcome it. However in the absence of any such evidence I would kindly ask that you revise / remove your feedback pending the action of our legal counsel.

Kind regards

From Buyer

thata how you sent it me. knacked.

From Seller
Hi there

I am assuming you mean "that's" and "knackered". I have structured my response on that basis.

Contrary to your malformed statement, the laptop was in one piece, and full working order (albeit without an operating system, as per our item listing) when we shipped it to you. I should know as it was my laptop until recently. I am pretty sure I would struggle to get any life out of the box of assorted parts you were kind enough to return to us.

I thank you for taking the time to separate the laptop we sold you into 15 individual parts (yes I counted them) and throw them randomly into a box. I hope this brought you great pleasure. We were planning on gifting the laptop to a local charity upon its receipt, however this will now not be possible given that it now takes up most of our boardroom table.

I am assuming you have a screw loose, or possibly several. I say this only because it is apparent to us that you have retained every single one of the screws that once held my trusted laptop together. Again, I thank you for making impossible the task of re-assembling the device as we really didn't have half a day to spare putting it back together anyway.

I wish you all the best and thank you for buying from us, but, (and in the nicest possible way) please don't do it again.

Kind regards

From Buyer

You sent it me like. Don't know what your talking about.That picture you had up, it wasn't like that when i got it, When i tested parts on it, I found screen wasn't right, graphics, disgrace you where to me the seller

From Seller

Hi again

I think you are trying to say that when we shipped it to you it was not like the photograph on our listing. If you wish, you are welcome to view the CCTV footage from our offices. This will show us photographing the laptop, and subsequently putting it in a box and handing it to a courier. It also shows the local post man delivering the laptop back to us, and my colleagues opening the box in a fit of hysterics (combined with slight resentment) on discovering your efforts.

I wish you all the best in whatever 'your' doing and 'wereever' that may be, 'like'.

Kind regards

From Buyer

I duno then, thats how i received it, Sure it was that laptop you sent me thats on camera and not going out to another customer.

From Seller

OK I give up. I can't make sense of that one.

All the best to you.



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