Back it up, and make sure you can restore it!

I have lost track of how may times we have gone to visit a prospective client, and discovered that their existing backup routing is either non-existent, or not working. For the sake a few hundred pounds, you can safeguard your business against the catastrophe associated with data loss.

Statistics show that a large proportion of businesses that suffer a major data loss will not recover. The importance of your data is a no-brainer, however so many businesses don’t take steps to guarantee the safety of their data.

In the worst example, we had a new client arrive in our offices a few hours after discovering all his PCs and his server had been stolen. His only chance of survival was one of two backup tapes which his staff had been religiously inserting in the server, and storing at home. We had the unenviable job of telling him the backup tape was empty. In fact it appeared the tape had never been written to.

There’s a wide choice of backup solutions available to you – from on-site backup devices to cloud-based backup of your data, they are not expensive things to implement, but properly installed, and properly managed, they can save your business from closure if the worst happens.


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